Necromunda Terrain Part 4

Haha! More Necromunda scatter terrain!!!

This time, I’ve put together some barrels, and tank traps. First up, I present the spear like tank trap; fairly self-explanatory really, it’s just a single piece and will provide heavy or soft cover depending on where you stand.

It's a tank trap Jim
And now you can't get him in the head! Woot soft cover!!!
Secondly, the other tank traps! I decided to angle a few of these on the plasticard bases to make it look more interesting. 

Will also provide annoying debates into whether there's heavy cover or not!!!
 And finally, the barrels! I’ve created 3 variants here, doubles standing, triples standing, and triples knocked over. I wouldn’t mind having a few more triples knocked over

Triple Standing
Triple Knocked Over
Looks like soft cover there!
Yeah, fairly simple stuff, just need to base and then undercoat. I’ve got two more bits of scatter terrain I want to make first, then a big paint is coming!



AT-43 Terrain; Bunker

And now to bring an end to AT-43 terrain for the time being, presenting the crown jewel of most AT-43 collectors, the bunker!

Ok, so it’s a bunker, but it does have a removable roof and door. And it’s also textured on the inside!


As you can see, it fits in perfectly with 28mm, and the lid fits on with the guys inside it too.

Fits in scale wise rather well! And remember AT-43 is 28mm Heroic, not 28mm true scale like Infinity
(and sort of like the older Necromunda...that was just chubby)

Cypher is in there, you can see the top of his head.
10 points if you can also spot the Kempatai!!!

And now for some happy snaps with it with other AT-43 terrain!

It was designed to fit in perfectly with the walls, as if you look at some of the other pictures
it has the same angled wall bits. I do wish though they were other other way round though!
A nice little fortified section

I see this working better for Infinity than Necromunda, using it has a check point type deal with the industrial board (had a mock set up a while back which I should have taken pictures for, had a check point down one end, the container mock up as well; just need to add other buildings to finish it!). I really would like a second one though, but as a mirror to this one (mostly because of the angle), but I don’t really see that happening any time soon as 1) they don’t make them like that, and 2) they are expensive enough as it is with a bunker generally being, what, $50-80 plus shipping (which is a total rip off!!!). Oh well, come can dream!


EDIT (22/7/2015)
So I now have two of these bunkers! Sure, they aren't good for Infinity as only S1 and S2 sized minis can get into the room, but it'll go well with MERCS!