So I’ve been away for a bit, again. And life has been taking a fair bit of time away from my hobby as of late. However it was a change that needed to happen and things are starting to settle down, settle down to the point where I can paint things!!!

Cue gasps because everyone knows I never paint things!!!

hahahaha love this movie as a kit
ANYWHO, I have been going through undercoating my Bandau Buildings and related stuff, and even some of that Necromunda scatter terrain (here and here) as it will work for Infinity scatter as well. Sure it’s a work in progress but I’ll get there. But not what I was going to talk about!

I’m taking about MERCS!

So MERCS is this sci-fi skirmish game my mate Sync is really into (check out his MERCS blog here), and I’ve always kept the game in my peripheries as it fits a couple of check boxes for me:
·         Sci-fi
·         Skirmish

And also has some other perks
·         All minis for one faction in one box (6 minis FYI)
·         Small field layout (2’x3’)

BUT things went in favour of Necromunda and Infinity. Until this kickstarter showed up…

So it’s not the actual MERCS game, it’s a board game (called MERCS Recon) that uses the miniatures from the actual game…which you can then use in the actual game. So you’re actually buying for two games in one! Plus they are plastic, you get a whole bunch of generic police/security miniatures for near future wargaming and each box actually two different MERCS forces in one (well, 5 of the now 7 minis, or 8, little confused in regards to the medic class).

OoOoOo Plastics! No seriously, the original MERCS minis are all metal
Seriously go check it out, a lot of people are getting a cool Space Hulk vibe to it (as you fight in offices), it’s co-op (you play the game with 4 mates against the game itself), features destructible environments (which cause more police to show up). Could be good!

Game prototype, things outside LOS only exist as tokens till you see them,
meaning you have no idea what it is till you see it
Plus they are already funded (like 700% of the original pledge) and just moving through stretch goals! Go have a look at Sync's blog and the kickstarter
Back it! And because they all say this…

Welcome to the cause!