Infinity Sydney Slow Grow League 2

It’s now the second week of the slow grow league, and as we just had a long weekend I decided to do the unthinkable…paint some miniatures!!!

hahaha I loved this movie as a kid
And here’s the result!!! As you can see I’ve painted 8 of the 12 members of the force!

Strike A Pose!
This is how I've started calling the 'Golden Combi' comp for the league
First up we have our favourite Kempeitai, now with a fancy red coat! Was originally going to leave it white, glad I didn’t. Also a Haramaki with Contender, I actually haven’t finished him to a point where I’m happy, I didn’t finish the ink wash and I want a red ink for the sword (because DA ccw, not for blood btw!). Following up we have Yuriko and a Raiden with spitfire multi sniper rifle!

I also point LoF markings on the base. Might have to re-do them at some point
And along with these guys we have the Keisotsu, 2 HMGs and 2 combi-rifles. Very very happy with how these guys came out!

Now I also lied, I did paint more miniatures, but not a part of the slow grow as I had some others I figured I should just paint. Firstly we have the female Keisotsu because I felt bad for leaving her out of the line up!
Green for Right
Red for Left

I also painted up a paramedic using one of the spare Keisotsu’s I have! I used the pouch from the Ariadna spec ops who came with Yuriko. I like the green for medic (even though I was originally going to use red).

And finally, Mr Kempeitai does have a partner, Mrs Kempeitai! No she had the same paint job as the male Kempeitai so I figured I should paint her too.
Looking back at these pictures I should crop them before
putting them up here!!!


Infinity Terrain for the FLGS

As I mentioned in my last post, I have a FLGS that I regularly play in. The issue is though is that we only have enough terrain for one proper Infinity table and have to use the GW cities of death plastic terrain for another, which doesn’t really work well for Infinity. And with us trying to kick start Infinity again the shop owner, who is on side with us, has donated a rather large box of terrain for us; the Spartan Scenics starter set! YAY!!!

Downside it needs to be built! So I took home two of the 11 structures involved and put them together; so may I present on behalf of the GGTH Infinity gaming club one of the Hex buildings and a 4 junction corridor piece (with a couple of corridor enders)!

All of the pieces!!!

And here’s a simple layout with everything together with the left over pieces. All of the Hex buildings’ walls come out (bar one that I glued in for stability), and I also glued in 3 of the railings to assist with removing the top and provide stability when doing so if mini’s are on top. I kind of wanted to glue the last 3 railings tonto some plasticard and use them as scatter, will see what the guys at the FLGS think.

The railings provide some nice cover, will have to enfore a house rule here like with
the other terrain!
 As you can see I didn’t have the room connector pieces for this set up, GGTH has kept them separate from the other buildings currently.
Gives a fair bit of room in there, will be nice when we have it all built!

The remaining JSA forcers prepare to make a last stand in an effort to protect
the scientist
Oh yeah and if you didn't notice I've based my JSA mini's for the slow grow (no point in making an update there!)