Infinity Australia Monthly Hobby Competition Entry – O12 High Commissioner

Infinity Australia on Facebook is kind of the central location for all shenanigans Infinity related in Australia, to the point where I recommend members of our own Infinity Sydney page to join it as well. The guys who run it are a couple of fairly interesting and talented individuals (I wish I could paint like some of them) who are mostly the Aus Warcors and most of the major Australian tournaments are organised through them. Lone Pathfinder and myself are tossing up throwing his tournament idea into the ring as a major one as well.

Anywho that’s beyond the point, as the point is their month hobby competitions! These guys have managed to get a lot of sponsorship and also run month competitions which are mostly designed to motivate you to paint your minis. This month they are running a HVT (High Value Target) painting competition, and I’ve decided to paint up my Bootleg O12 High Commissioner to enter it!

I want this guy to be the HVT for one of the Yu Jing Sectorials, and as he seems like the chap who would rarely leave an urban environment he’s going to be done in the style of ISS (base wise anyway) and he’ll represent a Yu Jing politician or official. To make an urbanish base I’ve managed to get my hands on some hexed PVC card from Plastcraft Games, so I’ll use that to represent some concreate pavers (because that will never go out of style…concreate that is) and I’ll go from there!

Little scale check with Kemp...he really needs a name...
So step one, the base:
I cut out a circular shape from the card, however I’m not amazing at cutting this stuff so from that I cut off some of the edges to get a little pattern going. PVC glue that down with some sand, cut off a part of the mini’s slot and glue him on too…and bam based!

Step two, prime:
I used the white GW spray paint.

Even with raise on the base he still looks the right height!
Step three, skin and shoes:
Figured I would do this first. I’ve been using Bronzed flesh to represent an oriental skin tone with my JSA, so I’ll use that with this guy as well…despite the fact that Japanese and Chinese skin tones are different (I’m not an amazing painter so I’ll take some short cuts!).
And the shoes are just a black paint I have (Forumla P3 Thamar Black).

Step four, suit:
With a dark grey, the same grey I use for the pants of my JSA guys (Model Color acrylic-colours by Vallejo; German Grey 70.995). Issue with this one is trying to get under the arm; which I wish I hadn’t stuck on at this stage but an ink wash will hide it!!!

Step five, base:
Did this in a light grey (Model Color acrylic-colours by Vallejo; London Grey 70836), later on I’ll dry brush this with a lighter grey again!
I also did some dry brushing with this colour on the guy’s hair.

Step six shoes again
Made the buckles metallic (GW Mithril Silver)…cause reasons

Step seven, coat
Now this one was difficult to do, as I had to find a paint that I could use for this colour. Eventually found one (Game Extra Oqaue 72151 Heavy Goldbrown) but I’m not fully happy with it due to the shine it’s got to it. Maybe I should have looked closer at it!

Step eight, scarf:
Yu Jing’s primary colours are white, that funny yellow-mandarin colour and white; so the scarf and arm bands will be done in green (GW Warboss Green).

Step nine, bands and base:
A white dot on both sides, which I did with a bamboo skewer!
I’ll then try to free hand fail the Yu Jing symbol. I know that the colours are kind of reverse but it makes it stand out! Yeah that was never going to happen XP
I also used two coats of slightly light grey to dry brush the base which doesn’t show up in the pictures and then followed this up by painting the rim black, because reasons!

Step ten, ink wash
And to bring it home a simple ink wash with a GW ink (Nuln Oil)! And hey the jacket looks better now too!

Hope you enjoyed my little run through of my painting!
And before I foget, the competition requires your HVT to have a bit of background; so I went with something kind of predicable drawing from a particular game I’ve been playing!

“Sir, Minister Shen has been secured. I repeat, Minister Shen has been secured”
Wei Shen lay on the ground, his head was pounding from what he assumed the boot of his captor kicking him square in the head. Slowly opening his eyes his vision was meet with the cold emotionless features of a Bao Trooper’s helmet. The soldier’s hand was on his neck, most likely checking for a pulse.
“Trooper,” Wei tried to talk, but only a raspy whisper came out, “I’m ok, what is going on?”
The soldier moved his hand off Wei’s neck and placed a finger on his ear “Sir, Minister Shen appears ok, he is conscious. Orders sir?” Unsurprisingly the Bao Trooper wasn’t going to explain anything. Suddenly the trooper rose from his crouching position, yanking Wei up by his collar with him. Several more Bao troopers and a Pheasant rank Imperial agent appeared.
“Damn it soldier, be careful!” the agent yelled at the Bao before turning to Wei, “Minister Shen, we are here to rescue you; come with us if you want to live”

Some of my friends have mentioned I’ll need to make a scenic base for him including someone impaled on a fish head and another nursing a broken limb!