JSA Keisotsu Hacker Conversion

As I mentioned previously, the JSA Keisotsu profile has some load outs that lack models, predominantly which are the specalists; the forward observer, paramedic and hacker. I’ve built the first two in that list, and with N3 making hacking a viable option for JSA, and important for TAG and HI protection, I decided to make one! Also the Keisotsu profile is the only one with the hacking device, giving that protection to HI, TAGs, REMs and counters to AD troops and guided munitions.

The goal was to make something similar to the Zhanshi hacker, as they are both Yu Jing military, and to also make the specialist visibly unique compared to the other Keisotsus.

So visor, spike thingy on back...hmmm

So I started off with the female Keisotsu and the Yu Jing Zhanshi Gong Cheng (Mech-engineer)…

A popular sculpt I've noticed due to similarites with the Major from GiTS
 Using a Jeweller’s saw I cut off their heads…
And this got real morbid real quickly
I filled the neck and gun down due to issues with removing the head…

I stuck said head on with a bit of an angle and stuck a spare antenna bit off the Yaokong remotes box to represent the hacking device.

 And BAM hacker!!!

And now she needs some paint!!!


MERCS (again)

I have a got mate Sync, who’s name pop’s up on this blog from time to time, and the other night we managed to organise a games night! And With one game both of us backed, but one of thus had all the original mini’s and first edition rules for, we decided that we would make it a MERCS night! For the record it was to be my second game of MERCS.

For those who haven’t played MERCS before, and note this is my second game, it’s a 28mm sci-fi skirmish game in which 2 teams of 5 “MERCS” (who aren’t mercenaries) take on one another for corporate glory. Basically governments, bar Russia, do not exist anymore as corporations have taken over. These new Mega Corporations called Megacons utilize hybrid security military personnel who globally are called MERCS to protect their products and conduct corporate espionage against one another, with the game using the more famous units of each Megacon.

Kempetai, a CCC leader and Cypher…ok not really 28mm heroic or true scale

The game uses D10s, an alternate style of activation based on your rolling, you roll above your attribute to do actions (like shoot), and when it’s a minis activation you either shoot or move (but you can always move via snapping to cover). Finally the game takes place on a 3x2 playing area.

So I set up a playing area before he arrived using my AT-43 terrain and my papercraft drop ship (because reasons); creating a few fire lanes and the ability to climb on most of the containers. And when he arrived I decided (by will of the random number gods) to use CCC while he decided to use SEDAFU, the quick close combat faction from what I understand. It was to be a 5 a side annihilation style game, and I chose the following, leaving the heavy behind because of the whole set and rip rule which means it has to take a turn to gain his footing before he can fire.

This is actually 5 of the 7 possible profiles, Sync doesn't have the breacher profile, but hey dude with a flame thrower!!!

The first turn ended with very aggressive movement from Sync and me trying to move into decent firing positions.

It looks like I didn't even leave my deployment zone!!!
This was then followed by a few turns of my Medic, Demo and Sniper putting blood onto his Leader, Medic and Booster (?) while the other flank his Berserker and Demo having an awkward standoff with my Leader and Incinerator.

BOOM almost headshot
Who will move first!?!?!
Demo locks down the area the Medic fell locking down
 Eventually on my right flank his Demo lobbed one to many fire grenades taking out my leader and allowing his Berserker to charge and quickly drop my Incinerator (taking more blood in the process), while his other flank his Medic managed to take out my Medic, my Demo taking out both his Medic and Leader and his Booster hiding trying to repair his armour. We ended the game (as he needed to get home) with the Berserker weighing up his options of climbing to the Sniper and risking the unblooded Demo taking him out!
At least he was on fire as he cut down the Incinerator!!!
You can catch me I'm the...CCC Sniper Man?

Sync ended with three MERCS left, each with 2 blood, while I had 2 MERCS left, one with one blood and the other with no blood. He called it a win to me! Yay winner!!!

I like this game, we didn’t use any of the ACM (advanced combat manurers), but it’s a fast brutal game where tactics really play off regards of the dice rolls, mostly because the dice rolls are hard to pull off! I can’t wait for MERCS recon to drop, and also for our next game! We’ve decided that his place is the next venue, and I need to play another faction to experience Armour failure, as CCC doesn’t really have that issue. Also the small battle field scale adds this scene of urgency to it, adding to the fast pace of it. It takes a while getting use to moving with a card, and my eye for guessing range no longer works because of this; a good thing because everything is now risky! I can’t wait for this game to drop!