For some time, Sydney has had an annual wargaming convention held out in the Shire called MOAB, or the “Mother of All Battles”. And for the first time I actually went to it!

The main floor, you've got shops, demo tables and gaming tables!

MOAB has been on my radar for a little over a year now, and each year it runs there are multiple tournaments, including historicals, 40K, Warhammer and Infinity! Since a large number of the S.I.T.H mob were heading out to compete I thought I would pop by and check out the tournament in support of our club.

Downstairs we had one of the...5...tournament rooms, here with Infinity!!!

Zoran, a nice guy, was the TO and had 5 really nice tables set up, 4 being with their club terrain and one being donated for the day by “Make My Model” and “Adpaint” (also run by two good friends of mine), and holy crap did the tables look good!

This table!!! by Make My Model and Adpaint!

One thing I noticed was how open they were, which is rather funny considering the club has issues with my more Euro style tables!

I also snapped a few pictures of some demo games being run.

Deadzone...wish I had learnt how to play!!!

Relic Knights

All Quiet on the Martian front...10mm WWI sci fi wargaming

Deadman's Hand...I did notice recently I had a bit of a western bug bitting...

I managed to snap up a few items too; a Yu Jing, ISS and Mercs velcro badges and a Relic Knights Pacer because I thought it would go well with my Last Saga Mercs.