S.I.T.H Presents the Annual Slow Grow League Night 1.1

The first night of Slow Grow at the FLGS went ahead on Thursday night amazingly!

Rules were simple; 125 points (2swc), with Annihilation low tier and a single box in the centre to contest for an extra 2 objective points. In most games it came down to who held onto the box.

We had 10 players rock up and had to set up 5 tables in total! Daboarder and myself need to get a move on to properly make the 4th table now! Here are the happy snaps, enjoy!



JSA Oniwaban conversion

Not that it’s a unit I use that often, but I wanted to make a unique Oniwaban to use if I felt like running a 2 or 3 Oniwaban list (because that’s totally ever going to happen!). There isn’t much logic in it except rule of cool and display reasons.

To make a unique one I decided to use Shinobu as the base, but taking advantage of the two different sets of arms that she has to make it look different.

Secondly as her head is loose, I decided I would remove the head from the male Oniwaban and use that as her head. Since my Shinobu is un-sheathing her sword this Oniwaban will use the arms with the sword already out.

And BAM head swap!



S.I.T.H Presents the Annual Slow Grow League!!!


And with amazing news, firstly our annual slow grow is about to start! And because how DropKill and myself set it up it means I can paint some models. But more importantly, I’m an Infinity Warcor now!!! YAY!!! All it means is that Corvus Belli want me to run Infinity demos and ITS events, and since I already run demos I’m half way there. So it’s going to be an exciting year for Infinity.
If you want to join the slow grow, the rules are here, and you can join our group here.

Anywho, as I said our slow grow is about to start and we’ve set it up such that the Golden Combi award is based on painting all the minis in your force. So I’m going to use it to start my vanilla Yu Jing force.

The way we are running it is that in the first month you have 125 points and 2 swc with no advanced rules, Lts or retreat, so I’m going to run a simple 7 order list.

First up are the three Zhanshis, the base line trooper for Yu Jing and the start of most Yu Jing lists. I’m being a little different and running one as an FO to blind people as an ARO if it makes more sense, WIP 13 should help with that! These guys can also count as my Lt so versatility. If I felt like it they could also be used to represent a hacker or paramedic too, so lots of options with the humble combi Zhanshi.

Following them is the Tiger Soldier, the best AD troop in the game. Armed with a boarding shotgun he can appear where needed and ruin many people’s day. Not much to say really

The Zuyong is the now basic heavy Infantry in Yu Jing, which means I have to use him. But for some reason he still only has a single model L
Regardless he can be an HMG Lt or proxie any of the other profiles.

The Guilang, a brutal camo troop with MSV1, will serve as ground control through mines and anti camo with MSV1. Also taking out LI via surprise shot. He can also serve as the assault hacker or FO options too, so much like the Zhanshi this guy has versatility with what it can be

Finally in my list you have the shaolin, a fun silly unit that costs little but has the potential of messing peoples plans up. Difficult to control due to being extremely impetuous and irregular, but is able to pop smoke and handle most people. I’m using a model that is only displayed with a close combat weapon and I’ll paint it up as a shock CCW, meaning I can use it for all bar 2 loadouts.

Hopefully, after the 11th, I can start painting these guys up, so expect more posts.