Necromunda Terrain Part 2

Currently I’m running a Necromunda campaign up at GoodGames TownHall (my FLGS), which is currently in its 10th week and has 7 players in it (we started with 10 so not bad!). I also think we have 3 new players coming to join in as well, so YAY more shenanigans!!! ANYWHO, GoodGames has a lot of terrain, a lot of GW cities of death terrain, a 1.5 table’s worth of Infinity terrain (which is pretty snazzy if I do say so myself). However there’s no Necromunda terrain! And, so as I do, I was running around on the internet one night when I came across this;

The Wargames Warhammer 40K Necromunda Scenery Industrial Terrain Set
from War Games Tournaments

And I’m all like OMG THIS IS PERFECT!!! I checked my funds, ran the idea past the FLGS owner (mostly for storage), bought it, built it and realised that it looks freakin' awesome!

The whole kit! The plastic bag contains railings for the buildings

Here's an example table layout I set up quickly;

Hmm, needs more terrain

And here’s some close ups my gf took (which look a whole lot better than anything I could do!);


So this guy costs AUS $84.50 + AUS $42.25 to ship to Sydney (as pricey as everything is on this side of the world), and really looks the part of the old Necromunda scenery you used to get in the box. I have four issues with this terrain though:
1)     It doesn’t actually cover 4’x4’. It needs a few more buildings.
2)     There are too many walkways; some won’t even get used in a game. Sure you could probably have more linking buildings up but then it clutters everything. In saying this it promotes you to buy more buildings…so well played Mr War Game Tournaments; awesome product with an ability to expand!
3)     The 2 story hexagon building is not stable enough with just 2 supports. I mentioned this to Mr War Game Tournaments and he sent me 2 more supports to add to it. I think he should always include these 2 extra supports. Once again in saying this he sent me out the 2 supports like I asked, dude has good customer service, so I highly rate him.
4)     Using the walkways as ramps might not be the best idea because the models actually slide down them. Ok, I’m using the old GW metals so they have a higher centre of gravity, and the walkways are unpainted, but it’s still an issue I have (Infinity tokens work well for this though). My guess is painting will fix it (and I’m pretty sure War Game Tournaments would confirm this as well).

All in all, this product is awesome and perfect for Necromunda! Just buy 2 more buildings to go with it (I know I will).


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