Gangs of Necromunda – Enforcers

May I present to you my little slowly growing (and almost built) Necromunda Enforcer force!!!

All the Fantic Enforcers!!! And Cypher for reasons...
...could be a cop...or an informat...casually betraying my other gang...

These guys I’ve been collecting for a while, and even used them (alas not to great effect) as a sort of boss battle for gangs who were getting too good. Alongside this I've been collecting them with inspiration from an old unoffical Arbite Codex that popped up years ago.

First up just for scale reference.

Cypher, Combat Arbite, Patrol Arbite, Chastener and a Cybermastiff

Arbites (or Necromunda Enforcers as they are based on the Arbites), are arranged into various squad times based on their role; the most common of which being a Patrol team, consiting of a Sergent (Proctor), and 4 Arbites armed with Shotguns and a special weapon (generally a Grenade Launcher)

I have two squads of these, both with a grenade launcher
Along with Patrol teams, there are also Combat teams. These teams are not normally seen, and are better armed. Much like Patrol teams they consist of a Protcor, and 4 Arbites. These Arbites are however armed with Bolters and a special weapon (in my case a Plasma Gun)
This unit is actually a work in progress;
I need 3 more Bolter armed Arbites and a different commander too tofinish it.
In saying all of this, the special weapon can also be sub-ed out for a flamer when needed (see the first photo).

Another commonly observed unit is the K9 team, 4 Cybermastiffs and their Arbite Handler.
That is the hardest Enforcer to get your hands on, I swear to god!
Also I love my little conversion there with the shotgun, taken from Space Marine Scouts

For support, and in situation requiring serious fire power, a Fire Support team will be called in. Generally a 6 man squad with three Arbites armed with shotguns and three with a heavy weapon, in this case Heavy Stubbers.


And there are generally vehicle and other support staff in the wings as well.

They need a vehicle however before they are effective...

Alongside these commonly seen units, the Arbites/Enforcers have a few elite units they can bring into operations when required. The darker of the two are the Excution Squads; 4 elite Arbites with Bolters and one with a Heavy Bolter. They are basically Death Squads.

This is currently where all my Bolter enforcers are assigned to.
And I just love my Heavy Bolter conversion!!!

The ligher of the two units are the Shock teams, or riot control. Armed with Shock Mauls and Suppression Shields they are the true tanks of the Arbites forcers, slowly advancing under smoke in tight shield formations. They are given the title of Chastener when they are promoted to this units, and Chasticers when promoted to a command position.

They even have their own fancy leader
Finally every force needs commanders, and in the Arbites these indivudals are Judges of the Court. Flanking him are Provosts. Well the Right I plan on having him as a Provost and the left as an RPG Arbite PC.

The guy in the middle is the original Arbite Judge from the 90s.
Kind of want to get a second one and make a conversion of him.
More of a scale reference...see how slim Infinity minatures are!!!
As I mentioned I need about 4 more arbites to finish this off, 3 with Bolters and another Serg. figure. The Bolter arbites are incoming, but it's hard to get them for under $20 (aus), hence the bit of a turn off. I also want to get the Forge World Repressor, which in the 40k lore both the Arbites and Sisters of Battle use. Also a lot of the lore talks about Arbite Detectives, individuals who spend a lot of time in the field, and generally undercover, compared to normal Arbites. Still trying how to make one of those. If anyone has any ideas for a model that has a trench coat over an armored chest plate (and easy-ish to do weapon/head swaps) please let me know!

What do you think?



UD12 Chickenhawk

So there’s this cool Spanish guy called Topo who in the early days of Infinity made a whole lot of paper models for the game <here>, and they became so popular that some of them are official Infinity paper craft models for game play (such as the Airwagon). Hell, my board is of his design!

And recently we had a fairwell N2 day at the FLGS, so I decided that we needed a special Zombie scenario. I found a small 3 part campaign for up to 8 players and was all like YES I am so doing that! Issue was is that I needed a dropship for the last 2 missions. And I remembered Topo has one;

...and so I built one!!!

And holy crap is it a beast! It took the better part of an afternoon/evening (Christmas eve to be exact) to make, and I didn’t even use all the parts. Oh and this is also the first ever paper craft model I ever built so I think I've done a pretty decent job with it.
yeah it's big
And the right size for 28mm True or Heroic too
Here's the rear door
And cause it's big here a Defender Cobra for scale!
And everyone else thought it was pretty awesome too! It ended up serving as a centre piece on one of the boards set up for the day...and the zombie scenario went down well as well (I died a horrible death at the hand of a zombie while trying to save a civilian).

And I just had to include a diorama too...
JSA troopers slowly exit the Chickhawk and begin their search for any potential surviors