AT-43 Terrain; Elysian Ice Crystals

Recently in our Infinity club we’ve been working on a table using terrain from Spartan Scenics. You would have seen several posts of me building the terrain and various set ups we’ve had of the terrain over the course of the slow grow.

One thing you would also have seen is that it has a snowy mat, and we’ve been gearing up to make this set an ice world set. One of the guys has been making some slight icy hills for the board, but I wanted to track down some cool unique terrain for it. So I present to you the AT-43 Elysian Ice Crystals!

They come in two varieties, and each set as one of each; a small one and a large one.

As you can see they take up about 3”x3”, and we’re going to use them as impassable trees; so low vis and saturation zone but you can’t move through them.

Much like the bunker, these guys are really difficult to track down, but I managed to find a couple of sources to get some for myself and the club.

I did not go overboard I swear



S.I.T.H Presents the Annual Slow Grow League Night 3.1

Month 3 has started, the numbers have returned and everyone had a great night! Huge win!!!

Enjoy the pictures.



S.I.T.H Presents the Annual Slow Grow League Month 3

Month 3 is upon us, which means all the rules are in effect! So that’s 200 points, full rules, and as a strange choice on my behalf we’re playing Decapitation; a scenario about taking out the opponents Lt as much as possible. Because of the increase point cap I’m throwing in some new units, including a proxie because I don’t like the current sculpt (too tiny for new HI…which is good that the new ISS starter is coming soon…new HI!).

From last month we have the 3 Zhanshi, with one as an FO and the other two as regular Zhanshi; Lts in decapitation are public knowledge so I want one with some staying power. The Tiger solider is still there, and my Zuyong has been promoted from regular HMG guy to HMG Lt; because I can put him on suppression fire for protect or go long range hunting. “Benny” and “Not-benny” are also there. Finally, instead of the Guiland MSR I have returned to the mine layer loadout for camo fun and a hunting unit.

Leaving the unit is the Celestial Guard, but replacing her is a Zhanshi Yisheng and a Crane agent with assault hacking device (who Sun Tzu is filling in for). The Yisheng serves as both an order generator and a specialist. Mostly for now it’s in case I get that classified that needs a doctor, but specalists are important to have. The Crane agent on the other hand is a heavy hitting HI, running with a multi rifle, dual nanopulsers, close combat skills and an assault hacking device. A pure attack piece who is also a specialist…as I described it to Sync, has a large tool box.

Painting wise, 50% through…hopefully I can drop that number before the end of the month!