AT-43 3’x3’ Vinyl Matt

So my mate Sync is a crafty genius and figured out a way to get some cheap matts made up. I won’t tell you how because he doesn’t want me to tell people how, but basically we have cheap awesome matts that someone else is making and selling for…5x how much we got it for?

Anywho, AT-43 has this community random mission set up, and requires a 3’x3’ playing area for 2 players with <2500 points. So I needed a 3’x3’ matt that had a ruined city theme to go with the urban terrain I have!

Sync came across this company called P-Work paper wargame and told me about this. We discussed what to do and suddenly I had this urban matt!

Simple layout using the random mission set up rules
Alas it isn’t very photogenic because it’s vinyl (reflects light), and needs to be flattened properly (as you can see). But other than that…it’s pretty awesome and I thank him greatly for this little board!




Infinity Terrain Part 2

YAY I’m back! Long story, don’t ask. All you need to know is that it’s currently a very busy time for me!


So a while back I mentioned my idea for a Japanese slum <see post here>. In order to make it I would need buildings. Now let’s get a little hypothetical here, assuming the Yu Jing want to incorporate the Japanese, but also have them as second class citizens, they would obviously have them live in housing estates, thus the buildings would be very plain, boring and easy to construct. But as it’s a slum, it would get covered in graffiti that wasn’t being cleaned up, and would probably be next to something industrial because land would be cheap.

And to add in another fact I would need to store it without my girlfriend killing me for taking up too much space. I would need to have something that is plain, but could be spruced up with graffiti/posters, and also with a massive storage capability.

And then came Bandau with these simple and cheap looking buildings (for Infinity), that could stack and be stored inside one another! WIN!!! So I waited till I could get a good deal, for which my friend Sync heard about from Slave to Painting, and I bought it. And the other night I finally had time to build it.

Now I won’t give a review because Sync has done that rather well and our views on the product are very similar (here). But here are some pictures anyway!!!
And there's the good old Kempetai
Cypher hasn't been preforming well recently so no air time for him!!!
Thinking of putting a soccer pitch in...

So yeah, kind of simple, doors are in funny locations (especially when stacking), but they are pretty good. My main issue is that larger bases cannot get up the stairs at all! And my main point to improve this product is that they should have put the door on the front side (ie where you can see straight up the stairs); would have made more sense while stacking.

Anywho, along with the buildings, I got the Bandau Advertising Panels, one of each pack! And for modularity I decided to assemble them with 3 corners, 3 straights and 6 individual panels. These panels also clip onto the buildings or can be used as fences. And with the bits with holes tempted to have the ‘muddy window’ house rule to prevent shooting through them when not next to them.

I like them, simple like the rest of the Bandau terrain system, but very functional.

So lets now see what it all looks like, because I know that's more interesting that this text! Oh FYI I got 4 sets of those buildings!!!

Notice the use of the Panels on the buildings themselves, either blocking or gnerating
interesting sniper spots!
Don't forget the AT-43 shipping containers!!!

So I definatly need some terrain for the road, maybe just 1 truck, and some smaller scatter terrain to minimise these massive open spaces (like some of the early Warsenal stuff, or even their new ITS pack).

And now the important point…can I store it?

Yeah I got this