Infinity Sydney Slow Grow League

So me and a few mates have started to jump-start Infinity and get it back to being a regular game at our FLGS, and as of such we're doing a slow grow league! The whole idea of it was to set it up to bring new people into the game, and do it with our club's casual approach to everything!

See Sync's Operation Infinity blog here

Our plan is simple, use the official Infinity slow grow rules where each round is one month, no limit on what army you play each night as long as you only use a single list, and prizes based on playing games and painting. Which means I need to start painting things!!!

For a while I was thinking playing between JSA, ISS and Yu Jing, but I've decided to stay loyal to the Kempeitai (mostly as he's rather demanding) and go JSA for the whole time. I've also quickly put together a few lists for the first month and decided which models to paint!

First up, my cheerleaders Keisotsu, 2 with combi-rifles and 2 with HMGs. They will form the base of my lists.
Yay cheerleaders that become brutal once they hit a 5 man link team!!!

Next up we have Yuriko the spec ops, a Karakuri with MK12, a Raiden with spitfire multi-sniper rifle and a good old ninja.
Yuriko can link with my Keisotsu, and bring mins into the mix
The Karakuri is hileriously scary
My raiden, at last, exists as a model
And Ninja Ninja the Ninja

And finally the big guns, Aragoto with spitfire, Domaru with chain rifle and a Haramaki with contender.
Ah Aragato, so fast, so awesome
Domaru are more awesome in numbers, but this is 120 points, they cost too much!!!
And Haramarki, going to take a risk on this one and not use the combi load out

Oh and Kempeitai will be in the line up to with one list!

And strike a pose!!!

I really need to paint up that Torii Archway too


Necromunda Terrain Part 5

And the Necromunda scatter terrain continues (at last!)!!!

First up, the final 3 types of scatter; ok, I know I said two, but I realised that my plan wouldn’t work without buying more GW parts which I had no desire to do, and also allowed me to make them functional for Necromunda (and to some extent with all the terrain for Infinity). So I made three pieces, in duplicate of course!!!

And also based!!!
So we have a long crate on the ground with a couple of fuel cans, will provide some good soft cover. And along with it that strange cylinder like canister from the battlefield accessories pack, which also provides soft cover. And lastly we have the pallet with a box on it, provides soft or heavy cover based on the angle, and you can also stand on top of it to gain soft cover. Tempted to make it a house rule that if a loot token is on top of the box you have to climb on top of the pallet to get it!

Cypher and the Kempeitai were on holiday...
But you can see what sort of size they are
Oh yeah, and I’ve undercoated everything!!! Thought I would include one of the Necromunda platforms to give you a bit of scale comparison.

An inverted Deadzone matt works rather well for this
Also...do you think I have enough scatter for necro?!!!

As you can see it offers some nice soft cover!
 And I wanted to throw in an AT-43 UNA Defender Cobra too for the hell of it!

Defender Cobra is HUUUUUUUUUGE!!!


Last Saga Kickstarter

I’m back! But this isn’t the post that I wanted it to be as there is something else I thought I might post to get me back into the swing of things.

Much like my last post which was a kickstarter (that I backed, and I’m getting all the factions apparently…where the hell will I store them?!), there’s another kickstarter that has peaked my interested; Last Saga.

So this is a sci-fi setting, with sculpts 3D renders that look on par to Infinity but will possibly be the same scale as Infinity. Also the Council weapons have a strange similarity to Nomad weapons (looking at you combi rifle!).

The only model so far! And it's true scale too!

Just look at that Battle rifle and then look at a Nomad combi
Separated at birth?!

Brief run down; two factions so far, the Council (humans), and the Uruthvel (aliens who’s women do not wear that much apparently), small scale skirmish play (6-15 models), alternative activation I believe and a lot of counter flipping! Rules seem ok from the outset, but the vibe I’m getting is a lot of people want the Council models for Infinity!

Council Fusilier and KS exclusive Manticore
Uruthvel Officer and Undaunted
Hell, I want them for a Merc unit! Been having issues though as to what profiles to give the Fusiliers, either PanO Fusiliers, or Bolts, or maybe Celestial Guard.

So we have a Phantom, 3 Fusiliers, an Officer and a Manticore
We have a Hexa, 3 Fusiliers/Bolts/non specific merc goons, an Officer and unsure

As far as skirmish games go and models for that matter, these guys are coming off pretty cheaply, so there might be a bargain in here!  As in the starter set for the Council faction above is only £18!

I have two issues though:
·         Bar the civilian, who looks awesome and I plan on getting, there are no other sculpts at this stage, they really should have the sculpts for a few more for a miniature kickstarter (which defeats the purpose of kickstarter but oh well)
·         The Uruthvel are just too scantily clad for my likings, plus the men are heavily armoured. They just feel a little inappropriate. Maybe if the men wore less? Maybe if the model has more armour on it? Don’t know, but I have a feeling not many of them are going to ship.

That’s just my opinion anyway! And as far as I can tell, more sculpts are in coming too. Oh and they’ve already been fully funded, and expecting to ship in November (so January right?!).