Deadzone; Terrain

I finally got myself sorted and built my Deadzone terrain!!! YAY!!! And because I backed at the Striker level I had a lot of it to build, and because there weren’t enough connectors (which apparently everyone through so as well), I acquired some more plus extra scatter terrain.
All the Terrains!!!
Each tile is a variation on 3" squared and 3" x 1.5"

I aimed with this to build similar buildings that were modular, not as modular as my mate Sync’s (see here) as I didn’t want to copy his idea (which is neat FYI). In regards to the paint job, I was thinking of painting it up as some form of a Yu Jing outpost.
And to flow on with this idea of a Yu Jing outpost, here’s a set up I put together with JSA vs Yu Jing!
YAY 2'x2'


And as I was mentioning, this Yu Jing outpost will set the ground work on a second board and has been sitting in the background for a while. 
And I finally figured out how to get the red shipping container into this post!!!
Of course I still need to finish my other board…so in the background it will stay for the time being!



JSA Keisotsu Forward Observer Conversion

In the profile for the JSA Keisotsu, there are a few load outs that don’t have models yet, such as the multi sniper rifle (pfff Keisotsu with a sniper rifle), hacker, paramedic and forward observer. I did a quick simple conversion to create a paramedic, and altered the paint job for him to designate him previously, but now I need to make an FO. 

Simple Paramedic conversion

So I started off with a 40K Tau Fire warrior helmet antenna…

I cut off the nob part at the back that connects to the helmet...

Filed the longer part down to an angle…

And glued it onto the gun! Will need to paint the end tip bit red to represent a laser or something!