S.I.T.H Presents the Annual Slow Grow League Month 1 Golden Combi

Here are the entries from this Month's round of the Golden Combi. The rules are pretty simple; paint every miniature that you have used thus far over the course of the slow grow. If no one has, it goes down to a fully painted list based on that month's point score. Failing that it's however has painted the most models.
My Entry...no even finished :(

Thaddius' entry
Not all painted, but 125 is.
Tim the Champ Hall's entry
Not all painted but 125 is.
Dropkill and myself had no issues with deciding the winner! Tim "the Cancon 2016 Champ" Hall win's the first round!

Gotta get my paint on :)



S.I.T.H Presents the Annual Slow Grow League Night 1.2

So been a little bit lazy with updating the pictures on the blog, so my bad! Here are the pictures from night 1.2.

Rules were simple; 125 points (2swc), with Annihilation low tier and a single box in the centre to contest for an extra 2 objective points. In most games it came down to who held onto the box.

I also ended up playing a demo game too...my shaolin managed to rip through the back line though and I feel rather bad about it...