JSA Keisotsu Forward Observer Conversion

In the profile for the JSA Keisotsu, there are a few load outs that don’t have models yet, such as the multi sniper rifle (pfff Keisotsu with a sniper rifle), hacker, paramedic and forward observer. I did a quick simple conversion to create a paramedic, and altered the paint job for him to designate him previously, but now I need to make an FO. 

Simple Paramedic conversion

So I started off with a 40K Tau Fire warrior helmet antenna…

I cut off the nob part at the back that connects to the helmet...

Filed the longer part down to an angle…

And glued it onto the gun! Will need to paint the end tip bit red to represent a laser or something!



Infinity Terrain for the FLGS 4

More Spartan Scenics!!!
I  realised that I forgot to upload the pictures of the buildings so far! My bad!

It's HUGE!!!
Inside shots with the roof off
And here's me using as many doors as possible

And here’s the set up with some trees, I like this set up with trees, makes for a more realistic black ops style game!!!



Infinity Terrain for the FLGS 3

Also, recently Spartan Scenics had a sale, and as I can never resist a sale and they have some rather nice scatter terrain, I got myself for the FLGS 2 boxes of the warehouse accessories and it has a huge supply of scatter in it! Perfect for the club, and for Infinity as you can never have enough scatter!!! We have for the club in total 13 pieces of true scatter, 2 of which totally block line of sight, and 8 objective crates, which I know we need as a club for either YAMS or particular ITS missions for tournaments and such.

All the Scatter!!!
Objective crates
Was originally just going to use the large ones, but the smaller
ones seem more realistic!!!
Random boxes
A different style of box
2 boxes on a pallet with wheels up
This one blocks LoF
Another pallet with wheels down
This one contains some biohazard containers
Which eventually come off the pallet
And reveal some interesting secured barrels
That clearly need to come out of the securing equipment
Unless it's the other way round...