Infinity; Bounty Hunters, Hasslefree miniatures and Effigy miniatures

Along with my JSA force I felt that I should expand into the rest of Yu Jing and thus work on the ISS has I love link teams too much, and with the Infinity Art Book one and its limited edition bounty hunter Miranda Ashcroft mini I thought I have to get that. I also got the other named bounty hunter, Father Sforza. Both didn’t take very long to put together, the only issue was Miranda’s sword arm!!!

Her pose is a little silly

On this line of bounty hunters I came across Hasslefreeminiatures Ekaterina. I had originally been looking through their stuff for suitable models for Kuro (an RPG cyberpunk horror game) and saw this one. I’ve always wanted to get one of their minis to see the scale, and this one looked like it would fit right into the Infinity universe, so I got her. I also think she looks like Lady Gaga and one of my co-workers in the lab, who’s a little Gaga crazy, really wants to paint her (I told her I’d buy her the mini at the same time but nooooo!). Will need to put the blue lightning bolt across her eye like Gaga.

She scales up rather well!!! Yay Lady Gaga mini!!!
Finally, another company I’d been looking at for a while, Effigy miniatures, had a couple of nice civie models with an Infinity style. After seeing some of them on datasphere and being a bit worried about the scale I decided to get them anyway. And well they are closer to 32mm than 28mm. They might still work, some people are really really tall (two of my good friends actually!). Downside is that Effigy desn't exist any more as the scuplter got a full time job somewhere

They are both rather tall for 28mm! Maybe better with the new GW 28mm Heroic!
Also Cypher wanted facetime!
Also realised that I had a fully standing Infinity model...the Effigy guys are still too tall!

And yes that is a Riot Grrl from the Nomad faction…don’t ask, more later!!!




Deadzone; Matt

Deadzone comes with this cool 2’x2’ matt. You get a paper one in the box. However I went in for the striker pledge and thus scored myself this cool rubber version of it!

It also has 3"x3" grids as the game doesn't use tape measures, it's based on 3"x3" cubes

This matt looks great! It doesn’t crease, it stays flat, the detailing is awesome and could work well for small scale Necromunda or Infinity in say tutorial style games.

Wow, such blood splatter
So sewer grate
...and never doing that meme again
Tiny Cypher is tiny

And yes I did use this matt in an earlier post!!!




So the other day I got a big box…a really big box…

It’s really big.

They appear to be rather small compared to the box
No seriously, this thing is huge!!!

Yep, they are really really tiny. And that's a 6" ruler!!!

 Let the building begin!!!