Deadzone; Terrain

I finally got myself sorted and built my Deadzone terrain!!! YAY!!! And because I backed at the Striker level I had a lot of it to build, and because there weren’t enough connectors (which apparently everyone through so as well), I acquired some more plus extra scatter terrain.
All the Terrains!!!
Each tile is a variation on 3" squared and 3" x 1.5"

I aimed with this to build similar buildings that were modular, not as modular as my mate Sync’s (see here) as I didn’t want to copy his idea (which is neat FYI). In regards to the paint job, I was thinking of painting it up as some form of a Yu Jing outpost.
And to flow on with this idea of a Yu Jing outpost, here’s a set up I put together with JSA vs Yu Jing!
YAY 2'x2'


And as I was mentioning, this Yu Jing outpost will set the ground work on a second board and has been sitting in the background for a while. 
And I finally figured out how to get the red shipping container into this post!!!
Of course I still need to finish my other board…so in the background it will stay for the time being!