Infinity Terrain Part 1

So I’ve figured I might as well start putting some Infinity terrain up as I’m about to start working on that as well!

With Infinity I collect Yu Jing Japanese Sectorial Army, or JSA, and will eventually migrate into The Imperial Service (ISS), and thus the rest of Yu Jing. Within the fluff an interesting aspect came out in which the Japanese deeply resent being absorbed by the greater Yu Jing Empire, are constantly being treated as second class citizens and in the army used to bear the grunt of all offensives and what not. As of such a ‘terrorist’ organisation called the Kemeptai appeared and is fighting towards freeing the Japanese people from the Yu Jing Empire.
Left, ISS; middle, Yu Jing; right, JSA

With this idea that the Japanese were second class, I came up with was to create a city board representing a Japanese slum within a larger Yu Jing city, representing the second class citizen nature spoken about in the fluff, so in order to get a Japanese vibe to it; I firstly needed something Japanese, a Torii Arch!

Originally the idea was to get one that went all away across the road on my board, and I found one that might have worked, the one from Warsenal. However they did some measurements for me and found out that it was a little too short. So it was back to the drawing board…

Looks awesome, but was...2cm too short internally :(

…So I thought, until they sent me one for free when I bought a whole bunch of their Infinity tokens (which are awesome btw). And here it is!

This is a lot bigger than I had anticipated! Here it is with Cypher, the Kemeptai and an AT-43 container
(more of them later)

Ok, so it still doesn’t go over the road, but it does have the same width pedestrian crossings on the internal part, so YAY!!! It also provides ample cover for anyone moving through it, and can still allow 2 large bases side by side through it (oh yeah I have bikes...more on them later too...). In summary, I'm going to need a second one!



Gangs of Necromunda – Delaque

So I figured that I should upload what models I have for Necromunda, as by now you’ve probably guessed there’s a big emphasis on that game currently went the past few posts. Currently I only have 2 gangs, these guys and another that I’ll give some more information on later…

Back to the point! Here’s my gang! Some of the models aren’t finished yet (namely the boss with no hands, and the partially shaved heavy flamer), but mostly it looks pretty good!

The Might Leaders!
Mr Hand-less is meant to have a plasma pistol and sword, I think I will need to pin then!

Heavies 1
Lascannon, Heavy Stubber and my Heavy Bolter conversion
The Heavy Bolter was made from a Space Marine Devastator squad, uses the original Delaque Heavy hand with a sight to help cover it up!
Heavies 2
Plasma gun, Flamer and eventually Plasma Cannon
The Plasma gunner started life out as an Autogunner (see bellow)
Autogun Gangers
So here we have the two autogangers, and the plasma gun heavy for comparison with the original
Lasgun Gangers
Hunting Rifle Ganger
Plus his original
Shotgun Gangers
And hey look, it's Cypher on the left there...or was that the right...
Multi Purpose Ganger
So this one's a bad ass. It started life as a Catachan with Grenade launcher, was given a tench coat by a mate, then magentised to allow her to be either a shotgunner, lasgunner, boltgunner...or a flamer :)
Juves 1
Also known as the replicants. One got a meltabomb for style and the other lost the stub
gun and gained an autopistol, upgrade if you ask me!
Juves 2
The end one is actually a former Escher juve who lost her stubgun but gained an autopistol
and trench coat!

There you have it! All my Delaque miniatures, all very much in need of a paint!!!
And as mentioned I’m currently running a Necromunda campaign at my FLGS, and my gang is called The Agents of Nebuchadnezzar, the link leads to the current gang stats and what not!