Infinity Operation Red Veil; Unboxing

One advantage of being a warcor is getting access to certain Infinity items early, one such example (and the first warcor only item I’ve gotten thus far) is the soon to be released Infinity Operation Red Veil!

It’s much like Operation Ice Storm; two starter packs, and exclusive mini for each faction only found in the box, a limited edition pre-order mini, terrain, tokens, and scenario booklet with the basic rules. All in all, for someone who wants to get into the game it’s pretty awesome. And hey it comes with Yu Jing and a new Ninja sculpt…was I really going to pass this up?!

So for a quick unboxing; here’s the box (Ooooo, Ahhhhh).

Inside the box you get some tokens and templates.

Here’s the booklet with background on the units and factions, the learning scenarios, a story to explain the reason behind the scenarios, how to expand to 300 points (using TAGs, of course), and a little hobby guide for assembling and painting.

Here’s the minis and dice (sweet sweet dice).

And the terrain pack, which should be released later this year by itself (will need to get another one of those).

Over the next few posts I’m going to be going over the terrain and the minis, next post will be the terrain, then Haqqislam and finally Yu Jing. And as a shameless plug I will be running demos at Good Games Town Hall Sydney with my mate daboarder (the other Sydney Warcor) on Thursday the 28th of July and Thursday the 4th of August both nights starting at 6pm!


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  1. Awesome! Looking forward to the upcoming posts!